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Interactive Info Cleansing, Nematoduino, Hacking WebUSB, and World wide web Heritage

  1. ActiveClean (Paper-A-Working day) — if you build a design, check out it out, look at what it misclassifies, discover terrible info, clean up, and repeat…you are heading to be bitten on the ass by Simpson’s Paradox.
  2. Nematoduinoan Arduino UNO-appropriate robotic simulation of the C. elegans nematode, At the main of the simulation is a spiking neural network incorporating 300 neuron cells of the organic worm’s connectome, along with involved muscle cells.
  3. Hacking WebUSBWebUSB is a JavaScript API to make it possible for web web pages accessibility to connected USB products. It is aimed at scientific and industrial USB products and does not guidance frequent products like webcams, HIDs, or mass storage products. However, many other USB products can be accessed using the WebUSB API, and people may perhaps not understand the stage of accessibility received each time they grant authorization to a web internet site.
  4. Heritage of the Browser Consumer-Agent String — every thing in software package is like this, but cruftier.

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