4 small inbound links: 8 August 2017

Far better Bloom Filter, AI Upcoming, Adversarial Benchmarking, and Civilized Discourse​

  1. A Basic-Objective Counting Filter: Earning Every single Little bit Count — like Bloom filters, but more quickly, resizable, you can delete things, and additional. (through Paper a Day)
  2. Jeff Dean’s AI Lecture for YC — not just a good intro to fashionable AI, but a glimpse at how Google sees the foreseeable future actively playing out.
  3. CleverHansA library for benchmarking vulnerability to adversarial illustrations.
  4. Civilized Discourse: But How? (Jeff Atwood) — You have to have those people guidelines because if no one can say what it is you stand for, then you will not stand for anything. Something is now reasonable game, technically.

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